We are committed to Gujarat's Rural and Urban Forestry Program, an initiative launched by the Government to foster sustainable tree resources and ecological balance. This visionary program underlines the importance of green cover, bio-resources, and carbon stock enhancement, while uniting both rural and urban populations in a collaborative effort.

Our specialization lies in small-scale forestry and forest management practices, in alignment with the Forests and Environment Department's guidelines. We actively cultivate Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs), emphasizing robust community involvement. As part of our mission, we empower individuals across rural and urban areas to participate in tree planting projects. Our focus spans various lands, from Panchayat territories to wastelands, roadsides, railway sides, canal banks, and other governmental spaces.

To amplify engagement, our Agroforestry department orchestrates workshops, training camps, and campaigns targeted at youth and farmers. These efforts inspire active participation in tree plantation endeavors and ensure the availability of seedlings for farmers, institutions, and organizations. Additionally, we extend support to small and marginal farmers, guiding them in replenishing degraded lands through tree planting.

Our Agroforestry program seeks to drive sustainable economic growth and environmental well-being. By bolstering tree coverage, we champion vital ecological functions such as carbon sequestration, biodiversity preservation, and soil protection. We invite you to join us in nurturing a greener and healthier environment. Together, we can forge a substantial impact, enhancing the allure, resilience, and sustainability of Gujarat's rural and urban landscapes. 

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